Biasi Advance System Boiler - 25KW


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Biasi Advance System Boiler - 25KW

*Boiler only*

The Advance System boiler is a perfect partner for all installations of unvented cylinders. This boiler range offers the same technology as our Advance Combi range but instead of producing instant hot water, it heats the domestic hot water via the internal heat exchanging coil within an unvented cylinder.

This boiler range comes with simple easy to use up/down buttons to control your heating temperature. As you need to seperate control over your cylinder and heating (no heating required during summer months) we do not recommend using our mechanical clock. A twin channel programmer that can be wired to the boiler is more suitable and widely available.

Advance System boilers come with a comprehensive 5 year warranty, subject to terms and conditions.

All Advance boilers come with a built-in frost protection system, which stops the boiler from freezing during the winter periods and a built-in component anti-seizure routine that stops components seizing during periods of inactivity.

The range comes in a 25KW and 30KW option, making them suitable for most domestic installations.

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