Biasi Inovia Combination Boiler - 30KW


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Biasi Inovia Combination Boiler - 30KW

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The Inovia range of boilers are our most advanced domestic boilers we have ever produced. The boiler can tell you the temperature of the water entering the boiler, the temperature of the DHW leaving the boiler, there is a timed pre-heat option for the domestic hot water and digital system pressure read out. It can accept pre-heated hot water, meaning if you have a solar cylinder, the Inovia can boost the temperature of the water leaving the cylinder, when there is not enough solar gain. The Inovia can self-rectify safety cut outs. If there is a temporary disruption in the gas supply for example and this clears, the boiler will recognise this and will fire.

When linked with the Biasi stat the endless options come to life, capable of synchronisation with solar systems and multi zone system, full weather compensation, twin control of the heating output, meaning if you run an underfloor zone as well as a normal radiator system, you can set the boiler at two temperatures, so when there is a call just for the underfloor system, the boiler will fire at a lower temperature than the normal system.

This technology is perfect for the engineer, or the technologically aware homeowner. There is no reason to be put off by this technology as if you would prefer a simple interface, or even mechanical programmer, external controls can be added, meaning the homeowner gets what they need but the engineer gets endless options to build the most efficient system.

We have given this range a simple up/down mode to control your heating and hot water temperatures and a built-in 7 day programmer that will control your heating during the day while enjoying instantaneous hot water as and when required.

The Inovia Combi Boilers come with a comprehensive 5 year warranty subject to terms and conditions.

All Inovia Boilers come with a built-in frost protection system, which stops the boiler from freezing during the winter periods and a built-in component anti-seizure routine that stops components seizing during periods of inactivity.

The range comes in a 25kw, 30kw and 35kw options, making them suitable for most domestic installations.

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