Red Wall Plugs (PK 100)


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Red Wall Plugs (PK 100)


Talon Red Wall Plug Fixings are Ø5.5mm x 34mm wall plugs of polythene for light-weight installations in most building materials; designed for use with 6-10g screws; Pack of 100.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Talon, these fixing plugs are manufactured from premium grade polymer and designed with a two way expansion system - this provides rapid fixing with high pull out values of up to 4.2kN. The plugs are also moulded with protruding side fins which restrict rotation and prevent fall out from overhead holes.

Talon wall plug fixings are put through vigorous tests to find the ultimate pull out value. Please note: Pull out values will vary depending on the material the plug is fitting into.

Product features: 

- Designed and manufactured in the UK.
- Easy to install.
- Ideal for: Wood batons, electrical and plumbing fittings, trunking, lightweight brackets, shelving, light internal furnishings, signs, down pipes, etc.
- Two-way expansion: For rapid fixing and very high pull-out values.
- Moulded with prominent side fins (wings): To restrict rotation and prevent fall out from overhead holes.
- Rim (collar) and centre bore: Prevent the plug disappearing into the hole and provide easy starting for screws.
- Dimensions (Ø x L), mm: 5.5mm x 34mm.
- Drill size: Ø5-5.5mm.
- Suitable for screws: 6g, 8g, 10g (Ø3.5-5mm).
- Material: Premium grade polymer.
- Colour: Red.