Kartell K-Vit Low Profile Rectangle Shower Tray


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K-Vit Low Profile Square Shower Tray

Stone resin tray

Includes 90mm fast flow waste

Available in the following sizes:


900x700mm                      1400x700mm                    1800x800mm

900x760mm                      1400x800mm

900x800mm                      1400x900mm

1000x700mm                    1500x700mm

1000x760mm                    1500x760mm

1000x800mm                    1500x800mm

1000x900mm                    1500x900mm

1100x760mm                    1600x700mm

1100x800mm                    1600x760mm

1100x900mm                    1600x800mm

1200x700mm                    1600x900mm

1200x760mm                    1700x700mm

1200x800mm                    1700x760mm

1200x900mm                    1700x800mm

1300x800mm                    1700x900mm