MiniDUE – Limescale Prevention 3/4″ Male Connection


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MiniDUE is a patented and WRAS approved product designed to combat the effects of limescale and corrosion within the home by using the proven method of accurately dosing 100% food grade polyphosphates.

Where MiniDUE differs is that we are the only company to use a liquid food grade polyphosphate which guarantees not only the dosage and proportionate usage but also ensures a perfect mix with the incoming water.  No more over dose or under dose situations, no more sludge build up along with simple to exchange refill pouches.

Features of MiniDUE:

  • WRAS approved
  • Low cost starter pack includes first refill pouch
  • MiniDUE guarantees 100% accurate dosage
  • 100% food grade liquid polyphosphate solution
  • No over dose or under dose situations
  • Proportionate dosage
  • No power supply required
  • Compact and simple to install on horizontal or vertical pipe
  • Refill pouches last up to 12months *1000gram pouch
  • Simple, easy and fuss free DIY refill pouch replacement
  • No need to isolate water supply to replace the refill pouch
  • Free Lifetime Warranty option for registered products

Product Code and description

ADVPM011      MiniDUE with 3/4″ BSP M/M, starter pack includes 250gram refill pouch

WRAS - Brand Final - Product F2