Wurth Silicone Sealant - BLACK


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Wurth Silicone Sealant - BLACK


  • Resistant to ageing, weather and UV
  • Paint-compatible, test before use
  • Coloured version is bitumen-proof
  • Slight discolouration is possible in some applications
Application area

For connecting, expansion and sealing joints indoors and outdoors, such as wall or ground connections. For glazing and window sealing of expansion joints. Sealing joints between glazing units and load components (frames, beams, posts). Suitable for cold climates.


The surface must be clean, dry and load-bearing. Note the joint size. Prime the joints with back-fill material, Art. no. 0875... Treat porous substrates with silicone primer, Art. no. 0892 170. Before the skin forms, smooth with sealant smoothing agent, Art. no. 08933/0893 003.


310 ml

Chemical basis



1,01 g/cm³ / at 23°C, 50% relative humidity

Continuous motion absorption

25 %

Shore A hardness


Min./max. processing temperature

5 to 40 °C

Min./max. temperature resistance

40 to 110 °C

Min./max. full curing speed /conditions

5,999999999999988000000000000024-5 m/min / 23°C and 50% relative humidity

Min. skin-formation time

20 min

Conditions for skin-formation time

at 23°C and 50% relative humidity

Min. breaking elongation

25 %

Fungicidal properties