Calmag 15mm Compression Inline Magnetic Scale Inhibitor - SI-CALMAG-15


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Calmag 15mm Compression Inline Magnetic Scale Inhibitor - SI-CALMAG-15

This magnetic scale inhibitor is suitable SI-CALMAG-15 for installation on cold water lines for preventing the formation of limescale. The unit comes complete with 2 x 15mm compression fittings. No earth bonding is required.

Any scale that has formed around taps, sinks, showers, etc, will begin softening with regular contact with treated water. This soft scale is easier to remove than normal hard scale. Surfaces frequently in contact with treated water are easier to clean - shower heads are also descaled. After several months of descaling, hot water system efficiency will gradually increase.

Please note: Scale inhibitors are not suitable for eliminating hard scale in kettles. Please see Calmag Water filtration for better water for drinking and cooking.

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