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Hyco Ara 3.0KW Thermostatic Instantaneous Inline Water Heater - IN30T

by Hyco
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Hyco Ara 3.0KW Thermostatic Instantaneous Inline Water Heater - IN30T

Effective low cost solution for light hand washing at a single basin. Compact design, energy efficient and easy to install.


• Hot water for light handwashing at a single basin only
• Bare wire heating system gives fast heat up time
• Heats the water instantly as it flows through the unit
• Energy efficient – no standing heat losses
• 3.0 kW power rating
• Easy to install, 13 amps connects to standard wiring
• Not suitable for use with thermostatic mixing valves or taps or to supply a single lever mixer tap
• Supplied with a 1.6 l/min flow restrictor which must be fitted to the tap spout giving a temperature uplift of 27°C
• This would give 42°C in summer, incoming water temp 15°C and 37°C in winter, incoming water temp 10°C• External electronic thermostatic control accurate to the nearest degree
• LED temperature display
• Energy saving – only uses the power required to deliver the chosen temperature
• Heating power adjusted electronically to compensate for temperature, flow rate and water pressure variations
• Temperature factory set at 38°C and can be adjusted by the user between 35°C and 50°C. In normal usage the maximum temperature is 37°C to 42°C.
• After power off/ on the unit will recall the last usage outlet temperature. When power is restored the heater must be turned back on.

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