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Stuart Turner Showermate 2.6 Bar Twin Universal Shower Pump - 47377

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Stuart Turner Showermate 2.6 Bar Twin Universal Shower Pump - 47377

Showermate Universal 2.6 bar Twin shower pumps can be used to pump the hot and cold water supplies to a shower or bathroom as required.
High quality, high performance compact pump supplied with four 15 mm anti-vibration flexible hoses with integral isolation valves on the inlets.
All Showermate Universal pumps are suitable for use in open vented (gravity fed) systems for both positive & negative head applications.


  • Low pressure gravity systems - boosting hot or cold water supplies to a single shower or to up to four outlets within a bathroom
  • Showermate Universal pumps are suitable for use where there is less than 1 litre/min gravity flow from the outlet(s) to be boosted

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