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Flexigas CSST DN32x35mm Copper Union - CC 32-35

Flexigas CSST DN32x35mm Copper Union - CC 32-35

- Flexigas CSST uses 316L marine grade stainless steel for extra corrosion resistance.

- To convert from Flexigas pipe to copper pipe.

- Available in lengths ranging from 15 metres up to 400 metres, long continuous runs can be achieved without the need for couplings or elbows.

- The flexible nature of the tubing allows it to be directed around obstacles with ease. Flexigas 15mm flexible gas pipe can be buried without the need for additional protection.

- Fully certified under the Kitemark scheme and manufactured to BS EN 15266.

Installation Manual

Kitemark Certification

Specification Sheet


Flexigas system is not interchangeable with any other CSST system. Flexigas tubes must only be fitted with Flexigas fittings, and Flexigas fittings must only be fitted with Flexigas tubes. Flexigas should only be fitted by a correctly qualified and competent individual.

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