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Mandrex MHSP1003B M42 6 Piece Holesaw Kit - 20-57mm

by Mandrex
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Mandrex MHSP1003B M42 6 Piece Holesaw Kit - 20-57mm


Mandrex offers a unique range of multi-purpose hole saw sets for superior performance in different materials and applications. Professionals will recognize the benefits of the patented ONE CLICK multi-purpose hole saw systems. You can eject the core with one click. Changing the hole saw takes only a few seconds. Replacing the hole saw is a matter of pushing and changing. Drilling at an angle is quick and easy.

Mandrex Hole Saw kits are available in professional cases which are easy to carry, and fitted with the highest quality interior. Each kit includes our Mandrex One Click Hole Saw system, spare pilot drill and hexagon key wrench. 

Key Features

- Extra release holes to push out thin plate core material easily

- Bi-metal with 8% cobalt alloy for a longer lifetime

- Cutting depth 45mm (1-3/4”) for deeper holes in one pass

- Maximum clearance of chips thanks to the specially designed wide slots

- 4/6” variable teeth for clean edges

- Significant weight reduction compared to any other Hole Saws

- Smooth cutting with minimal heat build up

- Suitable for use in electric and battery powered tools


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